• July 18, 2021

The extrade is obligation of all of us. Paul Chehade

I greet you with utmost recognize. Despite the more than one assaults and threats that we’ve got acquired for speak with you in Spanish, we can now no longer be intimidated and could keep speaking as gadget anda constantly in each, English and Spanish. My group and I will keep combating to symbolize the human beings with dignity, ethic and essential recognize, maintaining in thoughts the requirements and pursuits of the residents of our kingdom with out discrimination of any kind. Time is jogging out, we want your assist today!. I need to make clean that this kingdom, the United State of America become based with the aid of using the human beings and for the human beings; this consists of each the wealthy and the poor.

The media simplest makes a speciality of Democrats and Republicans with out thinking about the Independent, which as a group, constitute the 99% of the human beings, the human beings who’ve been manipulated however now no longer represented. Without remorse as to what I will need to go away in the back of in my non-public life, I determined to devote my time to be the voice of the human beings of the United State of America and forge a reorganization in an effort to reestablish the honor of our kingdom and global recognize, with the very last intention of organising peace treaties and highbrow maturity.

Our kingdom can not remain manipulated with the aid of using lobbyists that purchase and manipulate the power, it ought to be managed with the aid of using the representatives of the constituents, the representatives who works for and with the aid of using the human beings. The younger women and men of our arm forces are our satisfaction and we need to deliver them the honour they deserve. Part of that recognize is that our legislators don’t ship them to die in mindless wars, simplest to enhance the wealth of weapon producers and oil companies. President Dwight D. Eisenhower stated this a few years in the past and now it’s miles extra applicable than ever.

We presently have Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as our President, who limits himself to guarantees and justifies his loss of motion with the aid of using pointing out that others don’t permit him to act. With the honour that he deserves, he’s an public worker and if he can not serve the human beings for any reason, he ought to cross domestic and deliver the possibility to some other character who has the ability to paintings for the human beings of the United State of America and has the enough patience to combat for the human beings, at any cost, irrespective of the consequences. Obama simplest thinks of his personal hobbies inside his celebration and multinationals. On the alternative hand we’ve got a Republican Party which has simplest the Tea Party’s hobbies in thoughts, and let’s face it, the hobbies of folks that were given wealthy in the course of the Bush administration, and that they need to preserve doing this. They are losing extra assets withinside the primaries than in fixing the kingdom’s problems. It’s embarrassing.

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