• September 3, 2021

What is PowerShell?

Microsoft PowerShell is a powerful administrative tool that among other things can help you automate tasks for your computer and network. PowerShell contains elements of Command Prompt and is built on .NET framework. It has long been the go-to tool of choice for IT administrators to manage large networks.

Learning to use PowerShell will allow you to simplify many tedious, day-to-day tasks. You’ll also be able to make system-wide changes throughout your network, so you don’t have to make individual adjustments to every server. As of late, it’s become an essential part of running a hybrid cloud environment.

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PowerShell is a major timesaver and it has so many other uses to make you more productive and keep your network running efficiently. Among the basic things you can do with it, you can schedule daily updates on systems, generate reports on current processes, cycle services and many other things. It’s true that many of these tasks can be done through GUI, however the point of PowerShell is to do them faster.

If you have a routine maintenance task that takes several minutes of keying and setup, you can script that same function into a single command that you name on PowerShell. So the next time, you just pull up that script under the name you saved it under and it will run in the background. Mastering PowerShell’s scripting logic, understanding how it’s object and variable engine works and smartly deploying it on your network will have you wondering why you’ve gone so long without using it.

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